Saturday, November 3, 2018

Stepping Out with Constable Cyrus!

We have been lucky to have our Community Police Officer, Constable Cyrus, come to visit the Juniors to help us stay safe near the road. We have still to go out and about with him to look out for sneaky driveways, but here are our photos so far. 

We loved being able to sit in the Police car to try out the seat belts! 



Remember to clunck, click, every trip! 



Can you see where it goes???

Check out our Road Safety song we learned for our assembly!


  1. Hi there my name is Andrew and I am a student in room 6 at Hay Park School.I really like your Song about Road Safety.It made me think of a song that Me and my class did with Constable Rob we learned how to walk properly when you cross the road.Have you thought of being in the police car and saying something on the microphone.If you would like to see my learning.Here is my Blog just write it on
    google. Andrew @ Hay Park School

  2. Hi Andrew! Glad you liked our blog. We loved singing that song in our assembly. Do you want to be a policeman when you get older???


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